DIRT is a card game for dirtbags who love dinos.

Dig holes, get hands dirty, and race to unearth dino bones. 

Players take turns digging through Dirt Piles and collecting Dirt Cards.

The most important Dirt Cards are dino bones. Players find the dino bones they want by strategically choosing which Dirt Pile to dig from and when.

The goal is to be the first player to collect full dino skeletons.
Doing so will earn that player more money.

Chance or error may lead you to uncover some pter-ible Dirt Cards that can hurt you, like Petrified Dino Poop. But there are also helpful Dirt Cards like Yellow Brick Lodes.

There are four different types of action cards a player can play during their turn.

First are Tools. Players use Tools to help them explore the Dirt Piles

and map out where specific Dirt Cards are located.

Second are Attacks. Gain advantages over other players by stealing their dino bones, or throwing dirt in their face, or unleashing a butt-ugly naked mole-rat.

Third, Disasters.

These rare actions can be unleashed to wreak havoc on all the other players.

And fourth, diNO cards. Players can play diNO cards at any time during the game to stop other actions or to protect themselves from certain disasters.

Some of these actions are too cool to use willy-nilly. To use the more powerful action cards, you'll have to pay up will some of your collected Dirt Cards. But good strategy and smart sacrifices can yield some pretty lucrative results.

The game ends when all of the dino skeletons are collected. The players add up the value of their collected Dirt Cards and whoever has the most money wins!